Michael Bankhead | Comic-Con
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Comic-Con International


Comic-Con International


What is San Diego Comic-Con?

Comic-Con International is the largest comic book convention held in North America. 150k+ people attend the 4-day event every year, so the experience can be a bit overwhelming, especially for first timers.

The Problem

“Yeah, it’s my first time here (at Comic-Con). I’m just so excited, I don’t want to miss anything!”

Comic-Con currently has a mobile companion app. Unfortunately, it is plagued by unintuitive navigation, missing information, mediocre reviews, and lack of personalization.

Pain Points

No user personalization.

Users have a difficult time navigating the app to find their interests.

Users are forced to scroll through entire schedules to find their favorite events.

Users refuse to use the map due to it being obstructed by pins.

The Goal

Provide a mobile experience to help guide attendees though their unique Comic-Con journey.

No two people have the same Comic-Con experience. The app should reflect this and strive to help each attendee craft their own unique journey.

The Solution

The (redesigned) mobile companion

My process began with short interviews with other attendees while in line for a Comic-Con panel. By observing attendees navigate Comic-Con’s current app, I was able to identify the previously stated pain points in the product.


That night in my hotel room I began sketching wireframes that I would later use to develop the following design for a new Comic-Con mobile experience.

First Steps

Sign In & Onboarding

If you have a Member ID, your mobile account is already waiting for you! Simply log in with your Member ID and Password and the new Comic-Con app will automatically retrieve your information. Customize your profile by adding a pic before moving on to a short onboarding walkthrough.

User Profile

Your New Profile & Wristband

Remember last year when you lost your badge? Personalized RFID wristbands are your new Comic-Con credentials. No more worries over lost badges or broken lanyards.


Welcome Home Attendees

Your new home screen leads your journey through Comic-Con. Swipe through the newest sneak-peeks and trailers or manage your favorited items. Home constantly updates your upcoming schedule so you don’t miss a thing!


Keeping track

“Oh, the app? No dude, I don’t even bother. I have to scroll through the whole thing (schedule) to see what I’ve favorited, and then I’m scrolling so fast, I just end up missing it anyway. So, it’s like, whats the point, you know? No joke, it’s easier just to look in the book.”


On iOS, there’s no more menu-hopping to get to your scheduled favorites! Simple tabs allow you to move seamlessly between schedules and days to better keep track of your unique Comic-Con experience.


Finding something new

Want to check out some exclusive loot? Or maybe you’d like to learn more about that writer from that panel you just left (What was her name again?). Discover the goings-on around Comic-con and expand your personal experience!


Navigating through your journey

“What is this? Oh, wait. Am I supposed to zoom in? Wait… I don’t… wait.”


Where the heck is the DC Booth? Who’s at Booth FF-1? What does the Bayfront Hilton exhibit floor look like? There’s a map for that.

Search & Detail Screens


Full Length Mockups

Information Architecture

Want to see more?

Here’s another experience I’ve worked on.

Want to see more?

Here’s another experience I’ve worked on.


CX Spot

Quality reimagined.

Let’s have a chat!

Email: michael@alchemilabs.io

Couldn’t find what you’re looking for?

There’s more on my Instagram and Dribbble

Let’s have a chat!

Email: michael@alchemilabs.io

Couldn’t find what you’re looking for?

There’s more on my Instagram and Dribbble