Michael Bankhead | CDC Communications Resource Center
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Communications Resource Center

Communications Resource Center

Product Design
User Research, Information Architecture, Visual Design

Designing a Content Management Platform

“All the Divisions have incredible content and material, but it’s such a hassle trying to get multiple Departments to share with each other. On some occasions, by the time we receive the requested material, the deadline has already passed.”

The Problem

It’s a hassle sharing material across CDC Divisions.

Designed and launched in 2012, before CDC had access to Dropbox. Email attachments were widely restricted due to security concerns. The most expedient means of sharing content between divisions was to give a flash drive to a courier who would physically deliver it to the recipient.

The Goal

Reduce the time and effort required to share/find CDC departmental material and data.

My job was to ideate and design a SharePoint portal that would allow authorized users to upload, store, organize, and access various file types. As the solo designer, I worked alongside the Chief of Graphic Services Branch Issac Evans to create this product.

The Solution

The new Communications Resource Center (CRC)

During the protoyping phase it was decided that what was originally intended to be a SharePoint portal should instead become a stand-alone content management system.

Desktop Screens

The following is a small sample of the final implementation.


*A large portion of this design is unable to be shown due to NDAs. Some content has been edited.*


In addition to the desktop CMS, I was also tasked with designing a native iOS companion app. However, it was decided that this was an unnecessary addition.